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SharedFunding has enabled us to deliver significant cost savings to school districts. Schools need to ask district voters for more money every few years. The voters are beginning to demand explanations on how monies are being spent, especially on benefits. We provide a perfect solution. Schools can save money AND maintain the powerful benefits they historically have offered. It takes work and focus, but we have done it. We love sharing our proven results with strong school leaders.

A Public School System

Non-profits have to stretch their dollars more than any other kind of entity. At the same time, they need to recruit and retain highly educated people who could find far better paying professional positions elsewhere. For one of our non-profit clients, we have developed a plan that enabled employees to choose the plan that fit their individual needs. The employer appreciated positive feedback from the employees, and the non-profit saved over 25%. The savings have been directed towards facility improvements.

A Non-Profit Organization

The automotive giants demanded that our client CUT prices on their products. It was a painful proposition, especially since overhead and benefits costs increase every year. We delivered a custom solution and it reduced their healthcare costs by 25%. The information we delivered enabled us to strategize with our client and thereby avoid increases in their healthcare costs over the last three years. SharedFunding played a significant role in helping our client meet this challenging demand to cut costs.

An Automotive Parts Manufacturer

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Smaller, closely-held entities can be just as complex as large employers. At this particular law firm, we helped the partners establish a health savings account and we set up SharedFunding for their employees. The owners of the firm have been able to appreciate a virtue of ownership and the employees have maintained an excellent plan at lower employee contributions. Everybody wins here.

A Law Firm

When a number of companies are owned by the same parent entity, it makes sense to aggregate purchases to reduce costs. Insurance aggregation can make sense but it is difficult to assemble. In such a situation, BBG Inc. provides solutions to enable each entity in a portfolio the autonomy they desire while reaping the benefits of increased purchasing power. The equity firm purchased one overall insurance policy, and then inserted a custom solution to create a specific benefits program for each company in the portfolio.

An Equity Firm

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