It seems the kickoff of a New Year fosters predictions, Top Ten’s, and various and sundry industry-related crystal ball lists. An article about consumer healthcare trends in this morning’s Fiscal Times (10 Healthcare Trends That Will Affect You in 2016) caught my eye. Some of these trends, which we’ve also been following and have highlighted here in the past, are more likely to impact or, perhaps more accurately, continue to impact us in 2016 than others. No break-through revelations; but, all interesting nonetheless.

Here’s the Fiscal Times’ take on the 10 trends that will affect healthcare consumers as 2016 unfolds:

1.) We’ll pay more.
2.) It’ll be easier to shop.
3.) Continued surge in retail care
4.) More acceptance of telemedicine
5.) Increased use of wearable devices designed to aid in the prevention or treatment of specific diseases
6.) More scrutiny and pressure on prescription drug prices
7.) Increased medical ID theft
8.) Your doctor may not be “in-network” any more even if you haven’t changed your insurance plan
9.) More use of private exchanges
10.) House calls make a comeback