When launching any company-led initiative, having a solid foundation is essential. For employee benefits, it’s logical to turn to a company with a mastery of services and offerings that every employer has come to expect. BBG is the employee benefits broker you can depend on for traditional and innovative approaches.

  • BBG has extensive knowledge and access to healthcare and ancillary benefits
  • The focus is on connecting the most viable and valuable options for clients based on their size, configurations, and priorities.
  • Healthcare is the most expensive and vital benefit that substantial employers need to provide.
  • Ancillary benefits vary in importance and scope, and BBG researches, delivers, and services them to ensure they are simple, meaningful, and well-managed
  • BBG maintains a relationship with leaders and those executing the benefits program to provide research, data, and integration into the company’s operating system and individual’s lives
  • BBG manages responsibilities, delivers appropriate software, and informs clients of regulations and compliance.
  • BBG researches and prepares for the renewal season for the group six months before the renewal.
  • BBG provides billing and eligibility management, managing enrollment and avoiding cumbersome execution
  • BBG provides proactive direct-to-employee customer service.
  • BBG is a third-party administrator (TPA), providing levers to reduce costs without reducing benefits, injecting discrete solutions, and delivering valuable data to help plan for the future.

The Levers BBG Possess as a TPA Include the Following:

  • SharedFunding – Founded in 2003, this tool enables employers to distinguish between the product they purchase from the carrier and the exact benefit design they deliver to employees. The benefits include significant savings but much more.
  • Strategic Pharmacy Arrangements – We partnered with high-value / low-cost pharmacy solutions that are nearly impossible to find in a non-Fortune 500 market.
  • ICHRA/SharedFunding – We integrated our SharedFunding platform with the new Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA) to enable our employers to embrace the ICHRA without all the disruption that comes with it.
  • High Value/Low-Cost Diagnostics- Everyone knows that MRI and other diagnostic providers charge up to 75% savings.  BBG’s partnerships make it easy for employees to use these providers.