Health Insurance is Expensive.
Lower Costs AND Protect Employees.

  • “Fortune 500 Caliber Solution” For Mid-Size and Small Employers
  • Safe and Fully Insured; Returns Control to the Employer
  • Documented Bottom Line Savings of 20% and Up (We’ll Show You)
  • Lower Your Health Costs. Protect Employee Coverage. Innovative. Safe. Practical.
  • Lower Fixed Costs / Predictable Variable Costs / Lower Total Costs
  • For Our Clients That Seek Innovative Alternatives
  • Delivers a Solid Long-Term Strategy;
    “Compound Leveraging”
  • Innovative and Customizable, Providing Both Choice and Flexibility
  • Enhanced Data Collection and Analysis
  • Better Information for Budgeting and Renewal Strategy
  • Greater Control Over Valuable Resources
  • Your Plan, Like Most of Our Clients, Will Be Customized to What Best Meets the Needs of Your Organization and Your Employees
  • Typically, our clients first seek to replicate the benefits they currently have in place.
  • Create and Offer Multiple Plan Designs
  • “A Willingness to Think a Little Differently Has Resulted in Significant and Sustained Savings with No Reduction in Our Benefits.”

Are You Willing to Think Differently?

Is SharedFunding right for your company?

When you purchase a high-deductible plan and fund the claims beneath the deductible you save money:

  • Your premium is reduced significantly
  • You fund claims ONLY as employees incur them
  • Large claims are paid by the insurance company

BBG’s data collection and vast experience enable us to create meaningful cost predictions. Every one of our clients has saved money with our program. The average savings is over 20%.

How do we do it?

Shared-Funding-Logo3 Easy Steps

Our SharedFunding solution enables employers to make a distinction between insurance and employee benefits.

  1. Purchase a fully insured high deductible plan
  2. Utilize our secure reimbursement process
  3. Protect and please your employees with the program you create

Buy the insurance protection you need! Create the benefits program you want!

Employers are crushed every year by double-digit increases of health insurance premiums. Our unique program enables our clients to cut costs significantly without slashing benefits. Our detailed financial reports enable you to plan with precision and keep costs low renewal after renewal.

Think of BBG Inc. as your strategic ally in reducing your insurance costs. We work with you to avoid the runaway freight train of insurance premium increases.

“Our SharedFunding plan enabled us to save 25% and keep employee contribution flat.”

“The reporting we receive enables us to plan for the future and find ways to manage our costs.”

“After being in the program for a few years, we decided to move to an even higher deductible to save more.”