Shared Funding

Health Insurance is Expensive.
Lower Costs AND Protect Employees.

  • “Fortune 500 Caliber Solution” For Mid-Size and Small Employers
  • Safe and Fully Insured; Returns Control to the Employer
  • Documented Bottom Line Savings of 20% and Up (We’ll Show You)
  • Lower Your Health Costs. Protect Employee Coverage. Innovative. Safe. Practical.
  • Lower Fixed Costs / Predictable Variable Costs / Lower Total Costs
  • For Our Clients That Seek Innovative Alternatives
  • Delivers a Solid Long-Term Strategy;
    “Compound Leveraging”
  • Innovative and Customizable, Providing Both Choice and Flexibility
  • Enhanced Data Collection and Analysis
  • Better Information for Budgeting and Renewal Strategy
  • Greater Control Over Valuable Resources
  • Your Plan, Like Most of Our Clients, Will Be Customized to What Best Meets the Needs of Your Organization and Your Employees
  • Typically, our clients first seek to replicate the benefits they currently have in place.
  • Create and Offer Multiple Plan Designs
  • “A Willingness to Think a Little Differently Has Resulted in Significant and Sustained Savings with No Reduction in Our Benefits.”

Are You Willing to Think Differently?

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