The debate rages on about healthcare reform and how it will impact the insurance industry. A recent article from The Fiscal Times “More Companies Dump Employee Insurance for Obamacare,” discusses how Target recently announced it has dropped insurance for part-time employees, citing changes that have to do with new healthcare laws. Target follows in the footsteps of companies like Home Depot and Trader Joe’s, who have also dumped healthcare coverage for part-time employees in order to save on healthcare costs.

The companies claim that the action ultimately benefits their part-time employees since having employer-based health insurance disqualifies them from accessing coverage and subsidies through the new health exchange.

According to a report by CNN, Trader Joe’s company officials estimated that a large majority of their part-time workforce would be eligible for plans that cost considerably less money if they purchased insurance through the new health exchange.

There are many reports of the insurance industry’s lack of optimism in regards to Obamacare and how it will ultimately impact insurance. However, Brianna Ehley, author of The Fiscal Times article cited here, writes “…industry experts say it’s too early to tell how enrollments will affect market stability and premium prices.” She closes her article pointing out administration officials also say it’s too early to tell with about three months to go in the first enrollment period and that they expect most people to wait until the last minute to sign up, as was the case in Massachusetts.