For a little Halloween fun, I’ve compiled a few articles that have to do with healthcare tricks and treats. All related to Obamacare, or the Affordable Healthcare Act, of course…

Trick: Gov. Kasich’s four Obamacare tricks by Washington Examiner

Treat: Ebola: Obamacare’s ultimate pre-existing condition by The Fiscal Times

Trick: Government close to closing loophole that lets employers offer substandard insurance by The Washington Post

Treat: Obamacare helping more youth get mental health treatment by MSNBC

Trick or Treat? You decide… Insurers predict surge in Obamacare sign-ups
by Kaiser Health News


Now in all seriousness, we at BBG Inc. take your healthcare very serious.  Our goal is to go above and beyond to find solutions that make sense to your bottom line while also providing excellent healthcare to your employees.

If you have children, please keep them safe tonight. Let them have fun, but exercise caution. Check over their candy and be sure to remove ANYTHING that doesn’t look right. Happy Halloween! Make it a safe one.