Specialized Medical Provider, Prescription Drug & Claims Services

“A Willingness to Think a Little Differently Has Resulted in Significant and Sustained Savings with No Reduction in Benefits.”
  • Capitalize on High Quality, High Value, Lower Cost Providers
  • Reduce Prescription Drug Costs By Utilizing Specific Pharmacies and BBG’s Primary Care Pharmacist Program
  • Employee Provider Choice with Incentives to Help Lower Costs
  • Negotiate More Favorable Employer Specific Rates and Provider Relationships
  • Take Full Advantage of Cash Discounts
  • Take Full Advantage of Variances in Insurance Carrier Contracts and Rates
  • Capitalize on Health System to Health System Arbitrage to Lower Costs
  • Medical Bill and Medical Claim Advocacy – Assisting Your Employees
  • Medical Bill and Medical Claims Payment Expertise and Assistance
  • Provider Network and Prescription Drug Needs Evaluation
  • Provider Networks and Prescription Drug Programs Customized to Employer Needs
  • Knowledgeable Medical Claims Processing, Adjudication and Payment Capabilities

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